Codiaeum Aucubaefolia Cane


In its most popular and colorful form, the 'Picta' variety, croton is a classic choice as a gift plant . However, it is not the only one and this variety, Croton 'Aucubaefolia', stands out as an excellent office plant or for not very bright rooms where light bulbs are often turned on. The bright green and yellow colors make it suitable for enlivening any environment .

Plant Details

Plant Name Codiaeum Aucubaefolia Cane
Plant Size 20 inch approx
Location indoor/ Outdoor
Light Full light, avoiding the direct action of sunlight which can cause burns
Watering Every three days in good weather and in heated rooms, always accompanying a nebulization with non-calcareous water. Once a week and with little water if hospitalized in rooms with temperatures below 20°C
Temperature Never below 15 °C