Dracaena Sanderiana Celes


Dracaena sanderiana, commonly called lucky bamboo, is a small to medium sized, slow-growing, herbaceous perennial native to tropical western Africa. Mature plants will reach up to 5' tall with an equal spread. The slim, upright stems have distinct nodes giving them a bamboo-like appearance.

Plant Details

Plant Name Dracaena Sanderiana Celes
Plant Size 60 inch approx
Location Indoor/ Outdoor
Light Part shade to full shade
Watering Medium
Temperature 16-24 °C

Additional Details

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Rooted Cuttings:

  •  Available Sizes:  15cm - 30cm
  • Unrooted Cuttings:

  •  Available Sizes:  8cm - 60cm
  • Rooted Media:  Coir Dust & Oasis