Dracaena Sanderiana Victory


Dracaena plants contain around 200 different varieties with some wild specimens growing to heights of over 50 feet! As houseplants, they are often easy to care for and great for beginners. This Marginata variety comprises a tall stalk with an explosion of variegated leaves on top. The long skinny sword-like leaves are a dark shade of green with a slight red hue on the edge. Dracaenas are excellent for adding beautiful foliage to a room with minimal effort. Dracaenas are also excellent plants for purifying the air.

Plant Details

Plant Name Dracaena Sanderiana Victory
Plant Size 16-20 inch approx
Location Happiest in bright but filtered light
Light Shade, artificial light
Watering Allow to dry between waterings; mist the leaves regularly
Temperature 15-25 °C

Additional Details

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Rooted Cuttings:

  •  Available Sizes:  15cm - 30cm
  • Unrooted Cuttings:

  •  Available Sizes:  8cm - 60cm
  • Rooted Media:  Coir Dust & Oasis