Livistonia Rotundifolia


The Livistona rotundifolia is a real eye-catcher with its graceful, fan-shaped leaves. The houseplant owes its nickname "Fan palm" to this trait. The plant is originally from the tropical and subtropical rain forests of Asia and Australia, and belongs to the palm family. This family has no fewer than 4000 species! This palm remains fairly compact, so you can always find a nice spot for it. In terms of care, the Livistona rotundifolia is quite low-maintenance. Make sure you place the indoor plant in a light spot, clear from direct sunlight. Furthermore, the plant prefers a moist potting soil and environment. Therefore, make sure that you keep the soil slightly moist by regularly giving small amounts of water. This way you also prevent the potting soil from getting too wet, which can cause root rot.

Plant Details

Plant Name Livistonia Rotundifolia
Plant Size 20 inch approx
Location Indoors, bright but indirect light
Light Bright indirect light to partial shade.
Watering Maintain moist soil conditions at all times. Allow the top of the soil to become slightly dry before watering. Palms don't like boggy conditions so do not over-water
Temperature 18 - 24 °C