Cordyline Compacta Green


Cordyline are common decorative plants that appear under a few names in garden centers. In fact, the whole thing can get rather confusing. The most popular indoor cordyline is the C. terminalis, which is often sold as C. fruticosa or Dracaena terminalis. Likewise, these plants are often referred to as "Ti plants" or "Hawaiian Ti trees." However, Dracaena fragrans, with its bright green leaves, are also sold as Ti plants, and in fact, cordyline and dracaena are both members of the agave family. The best way to tell the difference is look at the roots: cordyline roots are white, and dracaena roots are yellow or orange.

Plant Details

Plant Name Cordyline Compacta Green
Plant Size 20 inch approx
Location Indoor, Shade
Light Bright light, but avoid direct sunlight in unhabituated plants
Watering Keep soil continuously moist, but reduce watering in the winter. High humidity is preferred
Temperature 16 - 28 °C