Polysias Filicifolia


This genus includes about eighty species of shrubs or small trees originating from New Zealand and Asia; in the wild they can reach a 8ft/few meters in height, while the plants grown in apartments stay below 47.2-59in/120-150 cm. As ornamental plants only 6-7 species are generally cultivated, very appreciated for their showy foliage, P. fruticosa is also cultivated as bonsai. Stems are erect, smooth and woody; from each knot numerous branches branch out, often also erect, carrying leaves of various types, depending on the species: they can be round or finely divided, of various colors, from light green to reddish brown, and also variegated. Usually plants grown in pots do not produce flowers or fruits; specimens some years old should preferably be pruned every year, so as to maintain a compact and rounded shape.

Plant Details

Plant Name Polysias Filicifolia
Plant Size 72 - 96cm approx
Location Indoor
Light Very bright, indirect lighting
Watering Medium
Temperature 18 - 20 °C