Codiaeum Bush & Fire


The croton has leathery leaves in green, pink, red, yellow and orange. Often, one single plant can have leaves with different colours. Colours can change as the plant ages. Requiring a minimum of 4 hours of direct sun each day, it is a plant that can be difficult to grow and keep healthy. The soil should be evenly moist and the plant protected from drafts or overly warm temperatures. The leaves will drop if the soil is too dry or too wet. These are plants which only survive outdoors where temperatures do not normally drop below 10 °C in winter. In colder climates, the plants are grown in greenhouses or as house plants. 'Bush On Fire' is an upright plant with narrow leaves in shades of gold, red, orange and green.

Plant Details

Plant Name Codiaeum Bush & Fire
Plant Size 4 - 10 inch approx
Location Indoor / Outdoor
Light Sun to Partial Shade/ Light Shade/ Partial to Full Shade
Watering Allow the top 25%-30% of the soil to dry out before watering. Crunchy leaves indicate over-watering
Temperature 21- 27 °C