Pleomele Reflexa Song of Jamaica


In spite of its unique bush-like appearance Reflexa really is a Dracaena. One of the more visually striking interior bush type Draceana, Reflexa stands in a class of its own as it does not adhere to the typical cane planting structure that most of its relatives exibit. Its small inch long spiraling leaves also make it a unique and intriguing specimen. In shape it most closely resembles large Marginata, or character stump Marginata, but even Margies are very different in appearance from Reflexa. Like Compacta, Reflexa is a popular choice for contemporary design themes. Its random winding stems covered with small spiraling leaves can serve as a point of unique visual interest and contrast to bold solid shapes and artwork.

Plant Details

Plant Name Pleomele Reflexa Song of Jamaica
Plant Size 118 - 197 inch approx
Location Indoor / Outdoor
Light Requires bright indirect sunlight to part shade
Watering Allow the top 50% of the soil to dry out before watering
Temperature 18 - 29 °C